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BIOCONSULTING Dr.I.Pascik has been set up 1994 in Leverkusen.
Dr. Imre Pascik the founder, has gained the know-how basis, required for a succesfull business, during his long carreer in the Chemical Industry, working in the fields of

  • Research, Development and Application of

  • Innovative Processes and Products

for the treatment of waste water streams, waste gases and sludges, polluted primarily with problematic pollutants.

The problem solutions offered by us, have been developed initially to solve existing environmental problems. Our efficient technologies have been developed on the basis of well planned, representative experiments, resulting in several innovative processes, applied successfully over several years.

Scientific Technical Curriculum Vitae of the Founder

Academic education:

1968: M.Sc. in Biochemical Engineering ,University of Novi Sad, YU.
1975-80: PhD-thesis in Polymer Chemistry: Technical University of Aachen (Germany).

Professional career:
1970 - 2005: Bayer AG, Leverkusen

1970 - 1977: Research-Lab.: Organic synthesis (active substances, intermediates and polymer aditives) in laboratory and pilot scale.

1977 - 2004: Bayer AG, Dept. for Pollution Control , Environmental Research & Development:

  • Research, Development and Design of Bioprocesses for the treatment of Waste Water, Waste Gases and Sludges.

  • Technical Marketing during the Commercialization of these Technologies
  • Advisor/Consultant for Engineering and Startup for plants (ca. 25 technical scale plants).
  • Environmental Consulting of Bayer´s Customers (worldwide).

Numerous inventions and patents.

Publications: numerous

1996: Otto-Bayer-Medal for the development of the Bayer-Towerbiology

1998 - 1999: Lecturer for Environmental Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne, Germany.

Membership in the ATV-Expert Groups “N-Elimination from Industrial Effluents“ and“Anaerobic Treatment of Industrial Effluents” and in the Dechema Expert Group „Environmental Biotechnology“.

Dr.Pascik was responsible for experimental investigation in laboratory and pilot scale, design and startup of several innovative environmental technologies.
  • First plant in Germany for nitrification/denitrification of NH4-rich industrial effluents

  • Biodegradation of non degradable substituted arylsulfonic acids, dyestuffs and organic intermediates by selected mixed cultures

  • LEVAPOR, adsorbing, porous carrier

  • First plant worldwide for the biotreatment of toxic pulp bleaching effluents, achieving high pollutant degradation rates, by innovative immobilized microorganisms

  • First high efficiency indoor-biofiltration of polluted air of a warehouse for waste plastics, achieving 98- 99% removal of Aspergillus-funghi and sporogenic colony forming units.
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