BIOCONSULTING Dr.Pascik offers modern, tailormade solutions for complex environmental problems:
CONSULTING: Analysing the problem, defining targets, designing of concepts,
EXPERIMENTS: Development of the optimal process and process parameters close to plant conditions
PROCESS DESIGN: Design of tailor made processes for new plants and for extension and/or upgrading of existing plants, respectively
SERVICES: Plant startup and technological supervision of plant operation.

Focal points

Bioprocesses are the focal point of our activities, particularly the biotreatment of complex effluents, containing persistent pollutants, waste gases and sludges.

We offer innovative, problem solutions proven in plantscale operation especially in the following fields:

  • Microaerobic pretreatment of persistent pollutants
  • Anaerobic-aerobic treatment of complex industrial effluents
  • Nitrification and denitrification of effluents with inhibitory components
  • Biological waste gas treatment in optimized biotrickling-filters (BTF)
  • Cultivation and application of special mixed cultures of microorganisms
  • Carrier and service for immobilization of microorganisms
  • Production and application of porous, adsorbing carrier materials (LEVAPOR)
We are working in the first line for customers in chemical-, pharmaceutical-, coating-, pulp-, paper-, textile-, food- and beverage industry as well as municipalities, mainly in cooperation with contractors.

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